And so it begins.

After not so much deliberation (granted, for a long time), I have arrived… well, here.

What is prompting this stage of my life is hard to verbalize. The best I can do, I guess, is to say that I’m hoping this outlet will allow me to somehow categorize and order all the things in my life. So I suppose chaos is what is prompting this stage in my life.

Anyway, hello. I am a pseudo-adult who is in the midst of a highly transitory time. Lots of things are changing, lots of decisions need to be made, some difficult ones.

As a person, I like to think I’m bitter (though some insist on denying that fact, sweet deluded darlings). I am bad at sugar-coating things, I have an unfortunate tendency to say what I think without considering the consequences. My existence is not a constant tug-of-war between the rational and the emotional–the emotional never wins, it’s hardly a competition.

So if you want the input of a largely acrimonious, heartless machine–welcome! Grab a seat and prepare to be mildly offended at my complete lack of appreciation and emotion toward anything.


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